Rogers Towing - Damaged car when they towed it.

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My son's 2010 Subaru WRX was towed because he parked in a tenants space in an apartment complex.When Roger's Towing arrived, the driver/operator placed the lifting mechanism too close to the cars front wheelwell and damaged both sides when he raised the lifting mechanism.

When we went to pick up the car the next morning from the impound yard, my son immediately noticed the damage and we pointed it out to the owner, Roger. He acknowledged the damage and told me to go to alocal autobody shop and get it fixed. After attempting to contact this shop for the next three weeks I went back to Roger and he told me to to another shop in Spokane. After getting an estimate for $1300.00, I gave it to Roger who said that he would get back to me.

A week passed, so I went to Roger and he said that he was not going to cover the damages now. I told him that I would take him to small claims court and he just laughed. We live in a small town, Cheney, Washington and I want everyone to know that Roger'a Towing is a liar and his customer service sucks. At first he said that he would take care of the damages then he reneged on his word.

He said that if his guy would have torn ny bumper off or put a hole in the cars fender, then he would fix it but this was just a little scratch. Yea, a little scratch that is going to cost $1300.00 to fix.

I suggest that if you live in the Greater Spokane Area, call another towing company.Don't call Roger's Towing in Cheney.

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